7 Pokémon Songs to Soundtrack Your Pokémon Go Addiction

Pokemon Go in 2016
AP Photo/Richard Vogel

Pokemon Go displayed on a cell phone on July 8, 2016. 

These Pokémon songs ain't playing.

This is it. The moment we've waited for our entire lives. Pokémon run rampant through our streets, and the only reasonable response is to hit the pavement and catch 'em all. Rattata is hiding in the bushes. Weedle is chillin' in the VIP. Your favorite downtown bar is a Pokéstop, and you're gonna sit there for the next hour lighting incense until you scoop up enough Charmanders to finally evolve.

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You've got six eggs and you're about to do a lot of walking. You need a killer soundtrack of Pokémon songs to get you through your quest. Start with this list of seven super music jams representing everything from future funk to dubstep, trap music, and more. Happy hunting, and please, remember to look up.

Grimecraft – Pokébike

The sun is shining, the Pidgeys are chirping, and you've got a super fast bike. Life doesn't get any better than this. Ride off into the sunset while Grimecraft lays out the sick groove. This tune comes from the San Francisco producer's epic Poké-inspired POKÉP. Don't forget your helmet, Ash.


Grimecraft – Ditto ft. ABSRDST

Another fantastic PokéAnthem from the POKÉP. This one features vocals from Pikachu himself. It's gonna have you head-bobbin' your way to gym leader status in no time. If you're looking for a bonus round, we suggest listening to DJ Uchiage's Wacha Wacha Monster Panic mix, featuring this and other amazing video game-inspired tunes.


Psychic Type – Victory Road

Not everything in the PokéVerse is sunshine and rainbows. Once you leave Pallet Town, you're walking into a world of hurt. Toronto-based producer Psychic Type represents the struggle in these streets with a trap beat hard enough to make a Cloyster button his shell.

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23 – Let's Go To Lavender Town

Lavender Town is populated by ghosts. It only stands to reason it would have the creepiest soundtrack in the original Red, Blue, and Yellow versions. The Haunter haunt was represented by four spooky, repetitive bleeps, and yet it's the most remixed of all the PokéTunes. This dubstep interpretation by 23 is scary good. Plus, there are fun PokéMon samples in the middle of the track.


N??T – Gengar

Another Lavendar Town rework, but this one has a way happy ending. N??T seems to draw a lot of inspiration from the anime world, and he's jazzed the Lavendar “do-do-do-do” into a shiny explosion of future bass iridescence. It's adorable.


Ockeroid – Pokémon GYM Battle (Remix)

Hope you've got plenty of potion in your bag. You're going to need it after this amped-up gym session. The beats are unrelenting on Ockeroid's high-energy remix, which is to say, it's everything a PokéNerd could ask for. Who's ready to kick some Elite Four ass?


Ramstar – Route 24

Spain's Ramstar turns the cutesy “Nugget Bridge” theme into a serious electro banger. It sounds kinda like Wolfgang Gartner was hired to make a main stage hit for Nintendo. Enjoy the speedy synth runs. We hear you can attract rare breeds if you play more air guitar.


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