Sibling Duo Love Thy Brother Join Model Singer on Sexy Single 'Love Me Better': Exclusive

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Love Thy Brother

Take a little bit of sunshine, add some salty air and a dash of melancholic flirtation, and you've got a perfect recipe for a summer anthem. It sounds easy, but it's harder than it looks, yet not too hard for Conor and Liam Clarke.

The two siblings have come together as dance production duo under the adorable family-first moniker Love Thy Brother, but industry nerds might already know them by their day jobs. Elder brother Connor is the CEO of the fast-growing artist marketing platform Wavo, and Liam is an acclaimed commercial producer whose music has been featured on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Fox News, and campaigns by Audi, Guess, and Smirnoff. Liam was also the guy behind that song House Speaker Paul Ryan played on a loop for 48 hours during the Washington blizzard. It must have been damn catchy.

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Love Thy Brother has made waves with remixes for Banks, Kiiara, and Wombats, but now it's time for the brothers to stand strong with an original. They enlisted fellow Canadian music man Damian Taylor to help out in the studio, and Wilhelmina model Ariel Beesley to sing on the track. The result is an uplifting ode to catching a boyfriend called “Love Me Better,” and the bros are pretty excited.

“This song marks a big moment for Liam and I,” Conor says in an email interview. “Growing up together has had a such huge influence on our music that, in a sense, the track was literally decades in the making.”

“It’s also our first original and opened up a whole new world of challenges and inspiration” Liam adds. “Working with LA based Ariel Beesley and Grammy-nominated producer Damian Taylor meant hopping around multiple countries, constant flights and strange studios. It’s a whole different game than what we were used to, but by the end of it, we became really tight to the point where we started touring with Ariel and collaborating with Damian on an ongoing basis. Love Thy Brother has almost become one big family.”

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The song is cute and sugary, but by the look of this video teaser trailer, the video is about to get weird. Is there a hint of stalker in Beesley's singing? Watch and see for yourself.

Love Thy Brother - Love Me Better Ft. Ariel Beesley [Teaser] from Love Thy Brother on Vimeo.