Nicky Romero Seizes 'The Moment' On New Track

Courtesy Photo
Nicky Romero

In December, Nicky Romero spoke with Billboard about his plans for the coming year. "I’m trying to find a gap in the market, just like everyone else," he explained. "In my case, it's a little more groovy stuff that's still melodic, and stuff like Kygo – it's a little different. I think I may have found something here that is a little different than all the other stuff going on."

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Romero's newest song, "The Moment," has arrived this week. Romero paints in broad, urgent strokes here: "I'm broken but fearless, got nothing left to lose," he sings. "I'm tryin' to climb these steps, I'm looking for the truth." Soon he decides, "this is the moment when I turn my life around."

It's also the moment when he starts focusing more actively on American listeners: the new song arrives courtesy of Protocol Recordings and Thrive Music, and it's Romero's first release on the label. Listen below.