Diplo, deadmau5 Criticize EDC Las Vegas; Insomniac's Pasquale Rotella Responds

David Wolff - Patrick/Redferns via Getty Images
Deadmau5 performs at L'Olympia in Paris, France.

As the mainstream dance music world converged on EDC Las Vegas this weekend, a few of the genre’s biggest stars – famous for their Twitter fingers – threw potshots at the festival on social media.

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Diplo struck first, suggesting that the EDC main stage resembles a “Walt Disney present[s] princess castle on crystal meth.” He added, “how do u guys play that thing & look at yourself in the mirror?” The photographer Rukes chimed in as well, writing “if you give someone the right amount of money they will DJ in an owl's crotch.”

Pasqualle Rotella – who founded Insomniac Events, which organizes EDC – responded by tweeting an amusing picture of Diplo wearing an upside down strawberry helmet taken from rival festival HARD Summer's 2014 trailer.

deadmau5 also used social media to express his distaste for EDC. Unsurprisingly, this is not the first time he has done so: last month, he announced that would not be a part of the festival’s lineup. “I just prefer to put myself in environments that don’t consist of the same fucking thing over and over again,” he wrote at the time. Rotella responded by noting that EDC wasn’t interested in booking deadmau5. “You reply like I give a f--k,” the producer retorted.

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This week, deadmau5 was comfortably ensconced behind the decks at Firefly. “I had the whole state of Delaware to myself :) and it was glorious,” he wrote on Twitter, before adding “F--k EDC.” “Think about it,” he continued. “Here are my options, go play EDC with every f--king DJ in the world, or corner my own fucking market. GEE, tough call.” After several more tweets, he ended his latest screed by noting that he had to get ready another massive electronic festival: “Tomorrowland or world or which ever the one in belgium is.”

See his tweets below.