FATHERDUDE Evolves From Frequent Vocalist to Full-On Groove Master on Debut EP 'The Balance': Exclusive

Father Dude photographed in 2014
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Father Dude

Are your shoe laces tied tight? Do you have enough free space to bust a move? Be sure to ready yourself appropriately, because pressing “play” on FATHERDUDE's debut EP The Balance may cause sudden bouts of arm jabbing, twirling, two-stepping, and/or other forms of freestyle dance expression.

The Harlem-based singer recently tapped by dance music producers Troyboi, WRLD, San Holo and more, steps out on his own with this five-track project, and he does it in a big way. His rich vocals exude confidence and groove, an energy that's matched perfectly by dynamically funky production built to rip listeners out of their seats and onto dance floors everywhere.

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FATHERDUDE is out to prove his versatility. He's got roller disco swing on lead single “Eyes On You,” trap-tinged pop appeal with “Why I Can't Relate,” even uplifting guitar-laden future sounds on closer “Superpower.”

In a lot of ways, (The Balance is) the culmination of a lifetime of work,” he says in an email interview. “When I started being recognized and embraced in electronic music somewhat recently, I had to make sure that when it came time to define what FD is, it was truly me.”

For FATHERDUDE, that means weaving “organic and classic elements” together with “the intensity and precision of where music is going.” Most importantly, he wanted the project to be an honest body of work, crafted by creative minds who share an artistic vision as well as a sense of mutual respect.

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“All of the people involved in this I consider not only friends and mentors, but some of the baddest motherfuckers I know,” FATHERDUDE says. “As human beings and especially as artists, we sometimes are too close to ourselves and our own heads that we forget to express our vision with clarity. Now, having finally done that with this EP, it's time to expose it live, perform it, and continue the narrative.”