EZA Premieres Soaring Single 'Off the Record'

David O'Donohue


EZA is the rising project of Ellery Bonham, a Nashville-based artist who goes beyond the city's traditional musical roots for pop inspirations from electronic havens such as New Zealand and Australia. But she does credit the Southern city as a force that pushed her to refine her skills as a vocalist and songwriter, breaking out with her 2014 song "High & Low" off her debut EP Means of Escape.

The emotionally drenched song racked up over 2 million streams on Spotify, and now she's returned with the premiere of her stunning new single "Off the Record," which will appear on her forthcoming first full-length project that's in the works.

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EZA takes a break from her usual heavier ballads for a softer tune that she says was inspired by infatuation in her own relationship. She still stays true to her hypnotizing styles of R&B-esque beats and vocals with airy touches of slow synths, creating an infectious whirlwind of sounds.

"‘Off the Record’ is really special to me because it’s a breath of fresh air compared to my usual dark and sensual music," EZA said in a statement to Billboard. "Keeping the mood lighter while staying authentic was a huge accomplishment, and I’m really proud of the guys I got to work with on this track."

EZA wrote the track with local talents Young Brother and Ruslan Odnoralov, who also co-produced with Aaron Krause, as they all crafted a narrative about meeting someone who brings new levels to your life. She also credits them as her favorite pop musicians in town and expressed her pride for the city's indie scene.

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"It’s so exciting to be living in Nashville at a time when the city is really starting to make a name for itself in the electronic pop scene. Songs and collaborations like this are just testaments to how far Nashville has come, and I’m thrilled to be a part of the indie scene that’s helping to get more attention for our pop artists."

Check out "Off the Record" below.