Mystery Trap Lord UZ Announces Quality Goods Records, Shares Minimix: Exclusive

UZ 2016
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About nine months ago, mysterious trap lord UZ ended his three-year Trap S--t EP series, a 25-volume aural assault that catapulted the gold mask to the top of the scene while it pushed the genre to newer and darker realms. Some called the Trap S--t suspension the end of the sound. In a way, they weren't wrong, but every end is a new beginning, even for UZ.

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“Over the past few years, I have traveled the world countless times, and throughout my journeys, I have been influenced by a wide array of producers and new sounds,” the producer says in an email interview. “I have always felt that there has been a need for a staple within the community that allows artists (to) work freely within the confines of their own creativity. That is why I have decided to create Quality Goods Records.”

The new label builds on UZ's established brand of ominous street beats and pushes into new territory with a well-rounded roster and discography the producer promises with display “all styles of bass music,” with trap-influenced sounds at its core. As the gang leader, UZ sees the venture as a chance to expand his own horizons. He's got a host of new material experimenting with slower and faster bpms, as well as new voices and collaborators, all to be unleashed in the coming months.

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As far as the producers Quality Goods supports, UZ says he's being “very selective.”

“I look for artists who define themselves with their art,” he says. “It allows me to see who's paving the way as our generation's next most forward-thinking artist. More importantly, it shows me who wants to have a serious impact on the development and expansion of music as a whole. Artist who take pride in their creativity and musical ethics are truly diamonds in the rough and incredibly inspiring to work with.”

Today is the start of a new Quality era, and to mark the occasion, UZ blessed Billboard with an exclusive 20-minute mix. Press play and hear teases of yet-to-be-released tracks from the Quality Goods vault and a few of UZ's personal favorites. Stay tuned to the label's website for more info, and if you can, check UZ out live and uncut as he makes his way through a world tour.

Upcoming UZ Tour Dates

April 22 Los Angeles, CA @ Avalon

April 23 San Diego, CA @ Bassmnt

April 29 Perth, Australia @ Metro City

April 30 Sydney, Australia @ Pacha

May 1 Brisbane, Australia @ Biscuit Factory

May 5 Sunshine Coast, Australia @ The Helm

May 6 Adelaide, Australia @ Electric Circus

May 7 Melbourne, Australia @ Old Mates

May 12 Beijing, China @ Yu Gong Yi Shan *with OG Maco

May 13 Chengdu, China @ Mosaic Live House *with OG Maco

May 14 Shanghai, China @ One Show Space *with OG Maco

May 20 Osaka, Japan @ Joule

May 21 Tokyo, Japan @ Sound Museum Vision

May 28 Paris, France @ Showcase

June 3 Poznan, Poland @ SQ Club

June 4 Frankfurt, Germany @ WorldClub Dome

June 11 Budapest, Hungary @ A38 Ship

July 2 Tampere, Finland @ Freedom Festival