Felguk Unveils Dance Remix of Zedd's 'True Colors': Exclusive Premiere

Felguk 2016
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Felguk have a friendship that runs deep with fellow producer Zedd, filled with tour memories and collaborative efforts. Now the Brazilian duo share an upbeat dance remix for the title track from Zedd's True Colors album, exclusively with Billboard Dance.

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Felguk first met Zedd when they were working on a remix of The Black Eyed Peas single "The Time," and they all toured together six years ago before Zedd reached superstar status on the charts. They've maintained the friendship ever since, along with exchanging tracks, and the "True Colors" remix is Zedd-approved.

"Awesome remix by my friends Felguk. Love their creativity and ability to sound different," Zedd said in a statement to Billboard.

Felguk takes the originally mellow "True Colors" straight to the club as they incorporate sonic drops and high-energy beats. The best part of a remix is when artists make the song their own and bring a new perspective, which is exactly what Felguk does with their dance take.

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"This remix represents the new direction that we are going for on our next tracks. Electro-House done in current production standards of quality," the duo told Billboard, "changing the focus to the dance aspect of the music."

Felguk has gained notice for their previous remixes and original track "2nite," which was chosen by Insomniac Events as the soundtrack for Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas in 2010. They have also accompanied Madonna on tour and remixed her 2009 single "Celebration."

Listen to the "True Colors" remix below.