Further Future Founders Discuss Building a Festival Community Based on Inspiration: Video

Further Future founders Robert Scott and Jason Swamy.

Music, wellness and innovation intersect at second annual desert gathering.

In Further Future, founders Jason Swamy and Robert Scott didn't simply start a festival -- they set out to fundamentally rethink what a festival could be through intentional and experiential community-building.

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Entering its second edition, the boutique music and lifestyle gathering is set to take place from April 29 to May 1 at the Moapa River Indian Reservation, located less than an hour outside Las Vegas.

While the annual event will feature four stages and more than sixty music acts like Four Tet, Caribou and Nicolas Jaar, Further Future stands out on the strength of its more uncommon offerings.

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The event aims to be an inspirational melting pot of eclectic ideas and influencers. Last year's guest speakers included the likes of Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh, Google X’s Astro Teller and Soundcloud co-founder Alex Ljung. Attendees can also enjoy yoga and meditation sessions, immersive art and sound installations, and wide-ranging programs from technology and gastronomy to wellness and mindfulness.

"It's a lifestyle," says Swamy. "It's resonating with a specific demographic that are interested in discerning experiences."

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Having previously founded Burning Man art car collective Robot Heart (and an affiliated stage that will feature at Further Future), the duo are well-versed in both creating and curating experiences. Curation lies at the heart of Further Future's ethos -- from Swamy's carefully chosen musical programming to the composition of the crowd itself, which organizers oversee by corresponding with prospective attendees prior to ticket purchase.

"It's about discovery and exploration," explains Scott. "Not just going out and consuming your music or your other experiences. We want to bring experiences that help people grow and discover."

Billboard Dance sat down with Scott and Swamy to discuss their vision for Further Future ahead of this year's edition. Watch the full interview above.