Explore deadmau5's Studio in Video Walkthrough & Razer Music Production Tutorial: Exclusive

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deadmau5 has provided no shortage of new material lately. In the past two months alone, for instance, he’s uploaded nearly 20 new projects to SoundCloud, at least half of which have been fully-fleshed out compositions. There’s a reason Zimmerman has been so prolific: he’s finally finished building his new studio.

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To reveal the highly anticipated production cavern, Zimmerman teamed up with Razer Music for a video walkthrough of the space. As you’d expect from the self-proclaimed computer nerd, his new setup is something of a gearhead’s dream.

“Over my 10 year plus career of music making, I’ve accumulated a lot of toys, gadgets, and hardware,” Zimmerman says.

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From his massive Eurorack modular, to his ARP 2500 and tantalizing array of Moog synths, it’s the kind of collection that would have even the most ardent hardware enthusiast drooling.

Outside of music making machinery, Zimmerman has outfitted the room with high-end surround sound speakers and flawless acoustics. “You shut the door in here and your ears ring, which is good,” he says. “No reflections or echoes.” He’s even included his desk chair from his original bedroom basement apartment in Toronto. “I feel like if I throw out the chair I’ll stop being able to do any of this stuff,” he says.

To accompany the studio tour, deadmau5 has also released a new production tutorial on Razer Music. With long-time friend Steve Duda at his side, Zimmerman walks through the melodic foundation of his unreleased track “Imaginary Friends.” The result is a comprehensive window into the creative process of one of dance music’s more celebrated creators. What’s more, as Duda confirms, the video will receive a subsequent episode examining bussing and mixing techniques on the track.

deadmau5 and Duda’s tutorial is part of Razer Music, which officially launched in Oct. 2015, providing an educational platform for aspiring electronic musicians. Check out Razer Music here.