Vinyl Sales Made More Than YouTube, Spotify and Soundcloud Ads Combined: Report

Peter Cade/Getty Images

Vinyl sales in the U.S. generated more revenue in 2015 than the advertising on YouTube, Spotify combined, according to a report released Wed. (March 23) by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA).

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The RIAA's figures revealed that vinyl sales made $416 million, while the combined total ad revenue from streaming sites Soundcloud, Spotify and YouTube accounted for only $385 million. The report also detailed that vinyl LP sales rose 32 percent last year and hit their highest total since 1988 at $416 million.

Vinyl enthusiasts should curb their enthusiasm, however, as paid digital streaming subscriptions still dwarfed both figures by accounting for $1.22 billion last year. 

While the report brings positive news for some, the RIAA makes clear that the music industry still faces significant issues.

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"The consumption of music is skyrocketing, but revenues for creators have not kept pace," said RIAA CEO Cary Sherman in a statement. "While today's data is encouraging, the challenges facing us are significant."