11 DJ Twitter Beefs That Rocked Dance Music

Guess how many involve deadmau5?

In the dance music world, nothing beats a good drop, but a good diss comes pretty damn close. When DJs fight, it brings the rest of the rave world together. No matter if we camp out at main stage or wouldn't be caught dead in kandi, a good Twitter beef between DJs huddles us all before our computers, desperately pressing refresh to see if the biting fun continues.

EDM's Mainstream vs. The Underground: Time to End the Hate (Op-Ed)

Diplo and Zedd recently gave the world something to talk about. The Mad Decent man took offense to the pop crossover's latest commercial hit, a literal ad campaign ditty celebrating 75 years of M&Ms candy.  To be outdone, ruling king of dance music controversy deadmau5 joined the fray with his two cents. The ensuing Twitter battle was uproarious, and thanks to the collective power of the Internet, all those deleted tweets will never die.

Let's take a closer look at this and some of EDM's biggest Twitter beefs, because if superstars are dumb enough to fight in public, why shouldn't they relive those off-hand comments forever, and ever, and ever?

Diplo Calls Zedd a Flume Rip-Off Over M&Ms Song: 'Don't be Such a Pompous Cornball Loser'

Diplo vs. Zedd

It all started in May 2015, when Diplo took to Twitter to shade Zedd's sophomore album, True Colors, which he critiqued with the poop emoji in a since-deleted tweet.

But this feud really became a thing in March 2016 after Zedd and vocalist Aloe Blacc covered “The Candy Man” from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory to honor the M&Ms milestone. Diplo accused the “Clarity” producer of using a “fake Flume drop,” and sure, it sounds an awful lot like Flume, but you know what? So does almost everything else since Flume came out. Zedd responded by telling Diplo to “stop being a little jealous bitch and do us all a favor and just shut the fuck up.” Diplo took the high road, reminding Zedd that “your young and rich and a talented musician...” then he blew it by adding “also I fucked your girl.”

Zedd buried the 37-year-old with a one-word grammar edit (“*you're”), and then deadmau5 came by to prove trolling is no hobby. That shit is a sport.

“..unless it's a bieber collab… Coz that's in no way, about money. We all know zedds shit sucks. But we love him.” “Literally hopped off Justin's dick to say someone's shit is about money? God DAMN I love Twitter. I do.” “OH GOD WHY ARE ALL MY FAVORITE POP STARS FIGHTING?”

In June 2018, the feud was suddenly reignited when Max Vangeli called Diplo out on Twitter after the Major Lazer DJ allegedly ignored Vangeli following an opening set. Vangeli called Diplo some truly unsavory things, and Zedd chimed in with agreement.

Diplo subsequently responded to both Zedd and Max Vangeli on Twitter and Instagram Story Tuesday (June 12), jokingly referencing Drake and Pusha-T's recent beef. See the tweets below.

deadmau5 Turns Kanye West's 'Dead Mow Five' Tweet Into T-Shirt

deadmau5 vs. Kanye

The Canadian Twitter-beef-a-holic doesn't always come out on top. He met his match earlier this March after accusing Kanye West of using pirated software. Yeezus then struck the masked man down with a series of scorching sarcasm. The one-sided conversation was as follows:

“is this person's name pronounced dead-mow-five?” “whose job is it to carry the head on the plane,” “is there a portable fan situation?” “Do you do birthday parties?? My daughter loves Minnie mouse...” “I need you to perform at her party with specifically a minnie mouse dead-mow-five head… not a mickey mouse dead-mow-five head.” “I'm very detail oriented and I will know the difference o don't try to just throw a bow on the original head...”

Skrillex Calls Deadmau5 an 'Asshole,' Twitter Rant Follows

deadmau5 vs. Jack U

This wasn't the first time deadmau5 took on Bieber bros, either. He took a strict slap on the wrist from Skrillex last Halloween when he said the Jack U song “I Need U,” featuring Bieber's vocals, was “shit.”

“I dont care bout ur personal career but the fact that u own ur own record label is sad. I feel sorry for the artists you've signed,” Skrillex tweeted. “youre great at finding talented people but ur leadership skills are atrocious. I'm sure you don't care tho.” “I'm forever grateful for the mau5's early support but the reality is sad. He's shriveling In his own pile of hatful -poop emojis-” “yes good night you sad old washed up asshole.”

Never to be outdone, deadmau5 taunted his old buddy, though clearly, a nerve had been struck. “Thanks internet therapists.” “the fact that I own a record label is sad? OK. It's a sad label. Let's have a cry. I don't tell my artists what to do. Clearly.” “Monday: emergency label meeting. Big business. Much impact. So crying. (After voodoofest)” “oh burrrnnnn! Yeah. We suck. But we're 18% less suckier than last quarter.”

Krewella's Jahan Yousaf Op-Ed: Deadmau5 Saved Me From Going Into Porn

deadmau5 vs. Krewella

When producer Rain Man left Krewella, his trio with the Yousaf sisters, it was not a pretty scene. He filed a lawsuit against his former bandmates, saying the Yousafs forced him out of the band because he was sober and therefore ruined Krewella's raucous reputation. Always a man with two-cents, deadmau5 defended Rain Man, congratulating the sisters on kicking out, in his view, the only member who did anything.

The Internet became flush with off-color comments about the Krewella women. People called them “whores” and “sluts,” saying they'd be better suited for a career in porn than the music industry. It prompted the younger sister, Jahan, to pen an op-ed in Billboard on the double-standard of sexism in dance music and other parts of the music industry. She sarcastically thanked deadmau5 for saving her from a life of porn, as if his comments brought enough interest to her career that it could continue without Rain Man's input. deadmau5, of course, yawned it all away with another string of trolly tweets.

Avicii & Deadmau5 Respond to Noel Gallagher's Criticism of EDM at Festivals

deadmau5 vs. Avicii

The “Levels” producer once fired serious shots at the mau5. Avicii took offense to an angry tumblr post  and retaliated with one of the most hysterical memes we've ever seen.


Of course, deadmau5 fired back with a vengeance. “Thanks avichi for your valuable input and expertise, even if nobody asked you a fucking thing. Pick a twit beef with someone on your level.” “im more interested on learning how to recreationally pop 30 painkillers a day and still be able to make shit memes.” “put the phone down, have another xanax, you blcoked me tim. You cant read this. #howTrollingworks”

The 11 Most Unforgettable Ultra Moments of All Time (So Far)

deadmau5 vs. Madonna

Speaking of Avicii, remember that time Madonna joined him on stage at Ultra and deadmau5 lost his freaking mind? The aging pop icon asked the UMF Main Stage if anyone there had seen Molly, a quip she claimed was a reference to her new album MDNA, not the popular drug MDMA. deadmu5 fired off on his Facebook “Very classy there madonna. “HUR DUR HAS ANYONE SEEN MOLLY???” such a great message for the young music lovers at ultra … quite the f’n philanthropist. but hey, at least yer HIP AND TRENDY! fucking cant smack my head hard enough right now.” The two have sense appeared on stage together during the launch event for streaming service Tidal, so apparently, it wasn't that big of a deal.

Afrojack to Deadmau5: 'Don't Talk About Stuff You Don't Know About'

deadmau5 vs. Afrojack

Okay, one more deadmau5 beef and then we're done. We swear. After a brief truce following their 2013 Twitter beef, remember that time he went at Afrojack for crashing his Ferraris? And then the Dutch producer took over control and was all “go f**k you hypocritical piece of shite, your music rocks but you are a first class dick and backstabber whiney lil girl.”

Dead mow cinco fired back “my social media manager lets me say fuck,” and offered to buy Afrojack a monkey, saying “he'd probably be a better driver than you.” Sick burn, point, match.

Nicky Romero Accuses Hardwell of Stealing His Visuals on Twitter

Nicky Romero vs. Hardwell

Two Dutch big room house superstars enter the arena. One shares a picture of his live visuals, an 8-bit version of himself on the screen. The other takes to Twitter, like a grown up.

“Copying is the highest form of flattery,” Romero said, later pointing out his own 8-bit sprite visuals, still refusing to name any names. Hardwell, however, caught wind of the comments, adding “Except my 8bit version is from my Ziggodone show in January (see youtube), and yours is from July. #fact”

“We finished the game in January also, it's just we did a whole 8bit campain,” Romero responded. And therein seemed to end the battle. No telling who left the room with the most XP.

Axwell & Ingrosso, Longtime Manager Amy Thomson Split

Swedish House Mafia vs. Hardwell

Hardwell had to deal with a few Twitter beefs on his come up. When he reached 300,000 likes on Facebook, he tried to celebrate by giving fans some free music. The problem? That bootleg pack included jams from defunct superstars Swedish House Mafia.

“Im gonna give away Hardwell tracks for free if you like me on Facebook ??? Am I a pornsite or?” Axwell tweeted.

“Giving away our music in mash ups or Facebook like @Hardwell that's the lowest I've seen!!!” Sebastian Ingrosso followed.

“If you 'like' my Facebook Fan page then @Axwell & @Sebingrosso will come and play for free in your living room,” Eric Prydz pitched in.

Hardwell ended up apologizing, claiming ignorance and accident. He took the music down, and he still topped the DJ Mag charts, so whatever, right?

A Conversation with Bassnectar: Reflections on Waking Dreams and Wild Moments

Bassnectar vs. Borgore

Everyone's favorite PLUR-y bass god once took offense to the dubstep world's ruling misogynist, though. Bassnectar followed Borgore on Twitter and started attacking the “Ice Cream” man for his icky attitudes about women.

At first, he called Borgore a “jackass,” though he eventually retracted the statement. “if tons of kids look up to you think about how you can make a positive difference in their life :)” Bassnectar said.

“By promoting drugs? Hypocrite,” Borgore responded.

“I don't promote or take drugs 🙂 anyhow, I just followed you so we can have a productive conversation if you wish. no personal dis,” Bassnectar added, because the only thing harsh about this long-haired head-banger are his drops.

The Chainsmokers Chug to No. 1 on Hot Dance/Electronic Songs with 'Roses'

Practically every DJ vs. The Chainsmokers

The best superhero movies are the ones where everyone jumps into the fray, and so it goes with EDM Twitter beefs. The Chainsmokers caught the ire of almost everyone after performing superhit “#Selfie” on super-lame mainstream TV show American Idol. Everyone from Knife Party to Laidback Luke, deadmau5, Porter Robinson, and Mat Zo came at the breakthrough artists, casting them as the poster children for overly-commercialized EDM.

The Chainsmokers defended their decision in a string of tweets, arguing that the whole point is to "make some money so you can do what you love and live comfortably" and that artists "should chill and not tear down artists who on some level have found that type of financial success."

In the end, the Chainsmokers made their money, emerged from the shadow of "#Selfie" with "Roses" and still got booked to play Ultra 2016. American Idol, meanwhile, was finally canceled. 

Honorable Mentions:

Calvin Harris vs. Zayn Malik

deadmau5 vs. David Guetta

?Mat Zo vs. ghost producers