Hear Dropout's 'Hollywood Horror' Wake-Up Call: Exclusive

Dropout Hollywood Horror 2016
Courtesy Photo

Cover art for Dropout's album "Hollywood Horror."

As Miami’s mayhem wraps after its week-long festivities, including Ultra Music Festival, attention turns to the west coast as California duo Dropout release their fourth original record, "Hollywood Horror."

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To preface the single, Dropout builds their thoughts around the celebrity-filled city. "Hollywood represents success in the eyes of most people; the fancy cars, the flashy jewelry, the oversized mansions. But at what cost?" Stream the song below, exclusively on Billboard Dance.

"This song is about the people who sacrifice more than hard work and time to get to that level of wealth. We're talking about the people who sacrifice their integrity and morals to get there."

They continue, "Hopefully "Hollywood Horror" will be a wake-up call to the people on the precipice of giving up their identity.  Stay true to who you are."