Marco Rubio Has 'Never Been to a Rave,' But He's 'Gotten Into' Dance Music

Marco Rubio
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Republican presidential candidate Sen. Marco Rubio arrives for a Super Bowl watch party at Ulitmate Sports Academy Feb. 7, 2016 in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Local officials in Miami are always threatening to do away with Ultra Music Festival. They never do, mostly because the fest brings more tourist money in one week than cocaine and mojitos can in a whole summer, but it seems there is a big wig has a penchant for fist-pumping beats.

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Republican Presidential nominee and Florida State Senator Marco Rubio opened up to Anderson Cooper about EDM following a CNN town hall in South Carolina. As a native Miamian, love for dance music is par for the course, and no amount of right-wing politicking can change that. Still, Rubi-bro was ripe and ready to throw some family-friendly spin on the issue.

.@AndersonCooper: Have you ever been to a rave?@MarcoRubio: No! ... It's the Republican primary, Anderson!

— Mashable News (@MashableNews) February 18, 2016

“The lyrics are clean, the beats and music is fun, I've gotten into it,” he told Cooper, no doubt hiding a lifelong love affair with 120 bpm and a few University of Miami college nights spent sweating away the hours on a Miami Beach nightclub floor. “Sometimes they have no words at all, so that's perfect.”

Not to alienate constituents across all genres, Rubio was quick to point out his deep-seeded roots in the '90s West Coast hiphop scene as well as his affinity for EDM-country crossovers, no doubt a silent nod to Avicii.

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Cooper shied away from the hard questions, like, does Rubio prefer deep hour or big room? Do his Cuban roots lend a fairness for tropical house? Does he zone out on long drives to ethereal waves of trance or trudge through the campaign trail on a strict diet of techno? Most importantly, Rubio, where is the drop?

The white-haired anchor did, however, ask the more important question of all.

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“I've never been to a rave, no,” he said dripping with the shade that can only be thrown from one who means to say yes but feels the ever-present eye of millions of voters. “This is a Republican primary, Anderson. I listen to it. I think I'm a little too old to be going to a rave.”

We understand, Rubio, but we also bet that under that well-fitting suit of yours lays a pink and green kandi bracelet declaring your allegiance to the REPLURBICAN PARTY.