Bunt Aims to Bridge Dance and Folk Music's Divide With New Single 'Old Guitar'

Courtesy Photo
Bunt photographed in 2015.

In dance music's ongoing effort to harness country's crossover potential, German duo Bunt appears poised to pick up where Avicii left off.

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Signed to Interscope Management, the Stuttgart natives today (Jan. 29) released their new single, "Old Guitar."  Commencing with a cheery live banjo solo and building to a synthesized trumpet-driven drop, the song is an unabashedly upbeat amalgam of electronic dance music and folksy americana

Take a listen below:

"We like the organic parts of folk and country, even 'mistakes' made by playing, for example, a banjo live. It has soul and original feeling," the duo explains. "But we also love the energy which electronic music makes through the tempo, powerful synthesizers, and strong kick drums."

The forthcoming music video for “Old Guitar” will be crowdsourced via social platform musical.ly, which allows users to create and share their own 15-second music videos.