REZZ Premieres Full 'The Silence is Deafening' EP on Mau5trap: Exclusive

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?Named an artist to watch in 2016 by Billboard Dance, REZZ has been building a name for herself with gritty, downtempo productions that draw as much from industrial rock as techno.

Billboard Dance's 15 Artists to Watch in 2016

Billboard Dance is exclusively premiering her full The Silence is Deafening EP on deadmau5's Mau5trap imprint, material the Niagara Falls native hails as "darker and heavier than ever before" and the "EP that [she's] most proud of so far in [her] career." Take a listen below:

"The title came from a random Instagram account shown to me by a friend," explains REZZ. "He had named one of his art works 'The Silence was Deafening' which I found very interesting. I replaced 'was' with 'is' because I resonated more with that. The EP art was inspired by the title with its dark/erie/broken TV screen background. The songs all came together through out the span of a few months and in result sounded perfectly cohesive for this EP concept."

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