Bixel Boys & Poupon Drop Deadly Dance-Off Video for 'Ain't Your Girl': Watch

Bixel Boys

Bixel Boys

The dance floor can be a dangerous place, but in Bixel Boys' new "Ain't Your Girl" with Poupon it's downright deadly. 

Skrillex, Odesza, Bassnectar Headlining Mysteryland 2016

For it, the Los Angeles production duo signed to Skrillex's OWSLA label recruited a squadron of dancers who went all in for this one, bringing their best moves to a Bloodsport-like dance off set in a tyrannical military state. The competitors face-off one-on-one with only one exiting alive. Needless to say, they're bringing their best moves. 

Korean choreographer Lia Kim stars in the video, putting her talent on full display. Watch it here:


We’ve been working hard on this project and today we’re proud to announce the Worldwide Broadcast, out 1/29. Watch the video for Bixel Boys & Poupon “Ain’t Your Girl”

Posted by OWSLA on Tuesday, January 19, 2016