Jeremy Olander Talks About Vivrant Label, Premieres 'Taiga' Off Inaugural EP (Exclusive)

Jeremy Olander

Stockholm’s Jeremy Olander is no stranger to dance music success on the Beatport charts. With five No. 1 releases and another four landing in the Top 10, he has made a notable mark in progressive house music across respected labels including Toolroom, Pryda and Drumcode.

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However, the Swede plans to embark on the next chapter of his career that is spearheaded by the pivotal launch of his own record label, Vivrant.

The imprint name deliberately springs off of his once-dormant radio show, Vivrant Radio, which debuted two years ago. "Get the name out there and build some awareness on a grass root level," Olander says, “The tricky part has been timing, coming up with the graphic profile and choosing the right time to pull the trigger. The show has officially returned as a bi-monthly hour-long podcast. 

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Billboard is premiering the title track off of Vivrant’s introductory Taiga EP which encompasses four tracks of Olander’s. Listen below:

What inspired you to launch your own label? What is your vision with it?

When I got into dance music 12-13 years ago there was one thing in particular that stood out in terms how the industry was set up; everyone had a label. I didn’t see this in any other music scene and it really struck a chord with me. You, as the artist and owner, are in full creative control of the artwork, graphical identity and what ends up being released. I love the concept of that. Having your own little baby to nurture, grow and ultimately become a very personal outlet for your creative expression. An extension of who you are as an artist. I want to build an incubator that can act as a springboard for younger guys and girls and pay forward what others once did for me. I think that’s the lifeblood of dance music. You help others. I'm not in a rush though. Everything has to happen organically. 

How do you plan on maintaining your artist project and label simultaneously?

Between touring and making new music and having a life, there’s no time left for anything else. I’m lucky to have great people around that help out. My manager Alex and I have a joint vision and he will A&R and manage the label on a day-to-day basis and push things conceptually. On the creative side we work with a world-class studio called Rebels Studios. They’ve done an amazing job working alongside us creating the graphical identity and artwork concept. Seeing your vision come to life is incredibly rewarding.

What was the process like of building the label? How long did it take for everything to come together?

It’s been going on for a few years. I came up with the name a couple of years ago and the vision and desire has always been there. It started with the radio show and that was deliberate. Get the name out there and build some awareness on a grass root level. The tricky part has been timing, coming up with the graphic profile and choosing the right time to pull the trigger.

Did you have any fears or doubts going into this new venture?

Honestly, I’m a little bit of a pessimist. Dipping your feet into something new and unknown brings that out of me. The thought of doing this too early, not getting any support, the fans not liking the material and so on, all that’s there in the back of my head. At the end of the day we believe in our vision, the music and think we can bring something cool to the table. You got to take chances or you'll just grow old and regret it.

The Taiga EP comes out on Nov. 30, exclusively on Beatport.


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