Plastic Plates Shares 'Blissed Out' Oliver Nelson 'Found Your Love' Remix: Exclusive

Oliver Nelson 2015
Courtesy Photo

Oliver Nelson

In a Billboard exclusive, Australian producer Plastic Plates shares his remix of Swedish electronic music producer Oliver Nelson's track "Found Your Love."

The inspiration to remix the song came during an 18-hour trip en route to "a beach club in Butami, Georgia," where the artist was set to play. "We were shattered and getting ready in the hotel and all of a sudden the Plastic Plates remix of 'Found Your Love' came in and let's just say it massively energized me for the night ahead," he tells Billboard. "It was exactly what I was expecting from him, a unique, blissed out serious groover. I was delighted by it."

It's easy to see why. The feel-good number is a perfect way to kick off the week, or in Plastic Plates' case, a beach club party. Putting his own spin on the already up-tempo groove, he puts forth a remix that contributes to the song's energy.

Check out the song below: