Skrillex Tells Deadmau5 His 'Leadership Skills are Atrocious' (and Much Worse)

Skrillex 2015
Chelsea Lauren/WireImage

Skrillex performs during Hard Summer Music Festival at Fairplex on Aug. 2, 2015 in Pomona, California.  

It looks as though Skrillex and Deadmau5 aren’t besties anymore. 

After a few months of trolling and trashing between the pair, Skrillex has turned his beef right up to 11 with a succession of scathing tweets targeted at Deadmau5.

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The electronic music producers have a long, mostly friendly history which took the rocky route in August when Skrillex (real name Sonny Moore) shared his thoughts on Deadmau5 (real name Joel Zimmerman) in a radio interview. His old friend and mentor, he said, was an “asshole” with a negative attitude that was in need of an overhaul. 

Skrillex Calls Deadmau5 an 'Asshole,' Twitter Rant Follows

Deadmau5 had lit the fuse when he mocked Skrillex for his collaboration with Diplo and Justin Bieber on "Where Are U Now". In one spiteful earlier tweet, Deadmau5 wrote: “made the mistake of listening to this jack u shit with bieber assuming they at least did something cool... nope. what the f--- is this shit?” (Skrillex and Bieber have just released another recording, "I'll Show You").  

But that was then. Fast forward to Halloween 2015, and Skrillex saved some shocks for his old pal. In one new tweet, Skrillex wrote, “you’re great at finding talented people but ur leadership skills are atrocious. I’m sure you don’t care tho.” And in another, “It’s sad the people on your label have the worst label head ever aka you bro.” Deadmau5, as can be expected, has fired back. Check out a selection of tweets (and a whole pile of turd emojis) below. 

Your EDM has screengrabbed a bunch of the meanest messages should they be deleted anytime soon.  This Halloween tirade could carry on until Christmas.