Manic Focus and Break Science Team Up For 'Funky Style': Exclusive Premiere

Courtesy Photo
Manic Focus photographed in 2015.

Manic Science’s “Funky Style” -- premiering today exclusively on Billboard -- represents a seamless merger of the old and the new. The track pays homage to classic New York hip-hop by channeling Nice & Smooth’s “Hip-Hop Junkies” from 1991. On that song, the duo memorably declared “I got a funky funky rhyme with a funky style.” The DNA of “Hip-Hop Junkies” then mutated and reappeared almost two decades later percolating through A$AP Mob’s “Trillmatic,” this time as “I got a funky funky style with a funky swag.”

Manic Science take the modern phrasing and pair it with a percussive horn vamp from the funk band Lettuce. Just as you settle into the retro groove, they turn the tables, washing the track out with a barrage of buzzing synths.  

Manic Science is a team effort, a connection between Manic Focus and Break Science (the duo of Adam Deitch and Borham Lee). Both work at the intersection of hip-hop and electronic dance music; Manic Focus and Borham also live together in Chicago. “Deitch sent me this beat I was stoked on that used samples from some of the other Lettuce guys,” Manic Science tells Billboard via email. “I gave it a dose of my style, tested it out live, and then the Break Science guys and I put on the finishing touches together.”

Manic Science perform this Sunday at Hulaween.