Watch 'America's Best Dance Crew' Winner Phillip Chbeeb Dance in Spooky Video for DanceOn Collaboration

Courtesy of DanceOn
A still from the video for Pham's "Movements" ft. Young Fusion.

Tim Milgram, director, and Phillip Chbeeb, dancer/choreographer, have teamed up for a DanceOn collaboration that is set to “Movements ft. Young Fusion” by EDM producer/DJ Pham.

The video is for an episode of DanceOn’s ARTIST REQUEST, a weekly program that couples rising musicians and DJs with similarly emerging choreographers. Milgram also directed the premiere ARTIST REQUEST video featuring choreography from Talia Favia set to James Bay’s “Let It Go.” 

The video begins by Chbeeb waking in an eerily lit hospital room. He then begins to move around the hospital with collaborator Liza Riabinina performing quick-paced, arm-twisting, somewhat intense, hip-hop inspired dance moves.

Watch the premiere below.