Guest Playlist: Listen to Yotto's 5 Tracks for a Long Night on a Plane

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Finnish producer Yotto is a man of many sounds.

After releasing his club-ready Memento/Azzurro EP on Anjunadeep in May, the Helsinki native has since dropped elegant single, "Slowly," and delivered standout edits of Above & Beyond's "Counting Down the Days" and Lane 8's "Undercover" -- the latter of which was released today (Oct. 23) on Anjunadeep.

Yotto curated Billboard Dance's latest Guest Playlist, sharing five atmospheric and emotional songs that provide a perfect soundtrack for long long overnight flights. Listen below:

Jon Hopkins - Light Through The Veins

"This track - like a long flight - lifts off in the most beautiful way and never seems to come down. When it finally does, it's magnificent and feels like you've arrived somewhere. Most of Jon Hopkins' records are incredibly intimate and they just have this immersive quality that allows you to get totally lost in the music. I found his music during the summer of 2009 and since then there hasn't been a week without some Jon Hopkins. He's one of those producers that I really admire and envy. Light Through The Veins is guaranteed to remove 100% of the distractions around you."

Air - La Femme D'Argent 

"My first introduction to this track was from a skate video when I was around 14. Most of those videos were filled with Heavy Rock or Hip Hop so this really stood out. I ended up replaying that part of the video just to keep hearing the song. With no Shazam or anything I couldn't figure out what the track was, but at least I had it on a VHS tape so I could slowly rewind and replay. I finally found it years later when I got the Moon Safari album. It's just an incredible floaty piece of music."

Tracy Weber - Sure Shot (Larry Levan 12" Mix)

"I'm a huge fan of classic, super funky disco records. For some reason they just sound like the start of a weekend. Long flights usually require something more than just dreamy and patient music. I think tracks like this work pretty decently when you don't want to get too jiggy but need to get your groove on. Sure Shot is perfect when you need to bust a few moves on your way to the toilet after one too many airplane Bloody Marys."

Sigur Rós - Myrkur

"Sigur Rós is one of those obvious choices when you think of music that has a timeless and transcending nature. This one used to soundtrack my train rides to college for a long time and I still keep coming back to it. "Myrkur" means Darkness in Icelandic and the track really evokes that good kind of darkness.  It is perfect for night flights. I could listen to the breakdown that starts around 2:30 for days. "

Ulrich Schnauss - ...Passing By

"Ulrich Schnauss is a German musician who's quite unlike anyone else. His records - this one in particular - are at the same time very delicate and really, really BIG. I found his music during the winter of 2003 I think - I remember spending a lot of time listening to his albums and just staring out of the window. I tried hard to copy his sound when I got more into producing music but never really nailed it. It's all very sepia-colored and nostalgic. It might result in wanting to hug the person sitting next to you so listening to this on a flight has it's risks."