TomorrowWorld Will Return, But Local Mayor Plans to Implement New Initiatives

TomorrowWorld 2015


Georgia-based festival TomorrowWorld ended up enduring its sophomore slump a year late as bad weather plagued the three-day dance music festival in its third year.

Heavy rainfall turned the grounds' vast green field into a muddy mess that left thousands of attendees stranded after they were told shuttle buses would not be able to reach them.

TomorrowWorld Investigations Underway After Weather, Transport Issues Strand Thousands

Chattahoochee Hills mayor Tom Reed initially stated on the city’s website, “Our Public Safety teams and their partners have been working tirelessly to maintain safety, a dissection of what went wrong, and a process to ensure it does not happen again, will follow.”

Nearly two weeks later, local news station 11 Alive interviewed Reed in an attempt to bring clarity to the event's future. Watch below:

While TomorrowWorld says they did hold public meetings prior to the event this year, city-goers claim they don’t recall hearing about those meetings. With that in mind, the city legislation reassured residents they will be notified of all meetings leading up to the festival in the coming years.

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The festival's future does not seem to be in jeopardy, 11 Alive reports, but both the city and TomorrowWorld organizers will have to work together to identify the sources of the problems that occurred this year to prevent any potential incidents going forward.

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