Watch Skrillex & Roboto's Stunning Animated Short Film 'Josho'

Courtesy of Collide Film Studio
Skrillex, "Ease My Mind."

California-based artist David Navarro has quietly created some of the most imaginative artwork for dance music’s biggest stars, including Zedd and Skrillex.

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He goes by Roboto and was the creative director behind ultramodern anime film JOSHO, which utilizes Skrillex’s record “Ease My Mind” as the soundtrack. Watch the video clip below:

The talented animator relayed a brief message to the viewers of the film clip, highlighting the piece as a tribute to all anime fans: "To all those Evangelions, Akiras, Mononokes and anime fans in general, this is a respect piece that compiles numerous references to works that are important to me as an Artist and have shaped in many ways my view on creating visual content.”

The OWLSA leader has worked hand-in-hand with Roboto for several years, incorporating the designer’s advanced efforts into his live performance visuals.