Fight Clvb Premieres 'Rude Boi vs HITA (Afrojack Mashup)': Exclusive

Meredith Jenks
Fight Clvb photographed at Billboard Hot 100 Fest on Aug. 23, 2015 at Nikon at Jones Beach Theater in New York.

Fresh off their Hot 100 Festival performance, dance music duo FIGHT CLVB shares an exclusive song premiere with Billboard. "Rude Boi vs HITA (Afrojack mashup)" featuring Titus will be featured on Afrojack's Wall Recordings and the group's upcoming Rude Boi EP, due out Aug. 31. 

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Fusing their songs "Rude Boi" (penned by Titus in one day) and "Hita" (FIGHT CLVB's track with FlipN'Gawd), Afrojack brought these tracks to the next level with an energy-packed mashup. 

"I have been following FIGHT CLVB for a while and I signed one of their first records in 2013," Afrojack tells Billboard. "I saw them grow and develop musically. When I heard Rude Boi and HITA I felt it was the right time to drop an EP with those songs and combine both tracks into a dope mashup.”

Check out "Rude Boi vs HITA" below: