NERVO Premiere Electro-Tinged 'Oh Diana' Off Debut Album 'Collateral': Exclusive

Chloe Paul

On their debut album Collateral, Aussie sisters and songwriters NERVO were determined to try their hands at a diversity of styles.

"That's the beauty of working on an album," they explain."We didn't need to just write tracks for the dance floor, but all tracks - whether they be in their original form or through a remix - will be played in our sets."

Billboard First Play: NERVO 'Inspired' Mini-Mix

If "Oh Diana" is any indication, they've succeeded. From the opening sequencers and unsettling vocal snippets to the lumbering bass line and pulsing electro bloops, the unpredictable production bears more of a resemblance to deadmau5 than past collaborator David Guetta.

"We were mucking around with some vocal samples and we weren't sure if it was Princess Diana's voice or not," they say. "It definitely sounds like her!”

Listen to the full premiere of NERVO's "Oh Diana" exclusively on Billboard:

NERVO's Collateral will be available on July 24 through Ultra Music.