Brodinski & Bricc Baby Premiere Gritty 'On Me' Music Video: Exclusive

Paris meets South Central on this catchy trap collaboration.

Brodinski is the rare talent who can traverse the hip hop and techno worlds with ease, but his latest music video is firmly situated in the former.

The French DJ/producer joins forces with Los Angeles rapper Bricc Baby to drop a gritty music video for "On Me," which Brodinski describes as a "proper rap song" from his debut album Brava. True to the traditional rap approach, Brodinski takes the back seat while Bricc Baby takes center stage.

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Watch the full premiere of "On Me" exclusively on Billboard:

Brodinski says the track dates back to a series of 2014 sessions held at the Red Bull Music Studios in Los Angeles. After being connected by Bricc Baby's manager Dannie Fite, the artists convened and "On Me" quickly took form.

"It was one of the first tracks we worked on," recalls Brodinski. "It was one of my favorites, and I wanted it to be on the record. So I was really happy that he picked this one. That's why it was a bonus track on the album, because it was really important for me."

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Bricc Baby says their sessions helped him conceive of the song's concept, which he sees as "not glorifying the streets, but glorifying being successful."

"I just started pulling shit together and talking about all the drugs I got on me, all the females, how I can take their females, and how I'm always going on some amazing journeys," says Bricc Baby. "And then Brodinski comes with the punch every time."

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Expect plenty more punches to follow. Brodinski dropped a remix of Brava cut "Interviews" featuring Bricc Baby and iLOVEMAKONNEN earlier this month, and confirms that he and Bricc Baby will hit the studio together in August for a new project.

"The video is a good link between what we did on the album and what people can expect," he says.

Both artists will be hitting the road in support of the release this summer. Bricc Baby kicks off his Summer in Hell Tour on Aug. 6, while Brodinski embarked on his Brava Spring Tour in April.