Hear Avicii's Awesome Unreleased Jam With the Killers' Brandon Flowers

Mike Pont/WireImage

Avicii performs at the MLB Fan Cave on Oct. 1, 2013 in New York City.

Flowers co-wrote Avicii's 2014 single "The Days" and a new version with him on lead vocals just surfaced.

Last year, Avicii collaborated with Robbie Williams on a single called "The Days," which is expected to appear on the DJ's 2015 album Stories. It's an acoustic-folk-meets-electro-pop track in the vein of "Wake Me Up," and it's pretty darn catchy. Recently though, an alternate take hit the Internet -- and it might be even better.

This one features Brandon Flowers taking on Williams' vocal duties, and given the the Killers frontman's love of anything with a synthesizer, it's right in his wheelhouse. Belting a life-affirming line like, "These are the days we won't forget!"? Also very much in his wheelhouse. Flowers co-wrote the track, so it makes sense that he gave it a go with his own vocals. 

Watch the Killers' Brandon Flowers Cover an International New Wave Hit

Flowers sounded great collaborating with M83 on the Killers' track "Shot at the Night," too, so we'd certainly be down to hear more Flowers-DJ collaborations in the future. In the meantime, though, he's touring behind his new solo album The Desired Effect