Galantis Previews New Album 'Pharmacy' With Interactive Video: Exclusive

Henrik Korpi


Galantis retains a special position in dance music: Standing at the intersection of innovation and superior songwriting, they pose a unique double threat.

Formed by Christian Karlsson of Miike Snow and Linus Eklöw of Style of Eye, the duo have garnered an impressive amount of attention since debuting the project in 2013. From crafting androgynous vocal lines to toppling Spotify and the Hype Machine with previous singles, they've made an impact with each move in advance of their album.

Galantis Talks Songwriting, Touring, and Trying to 'Spice Things Up' with Dance

Now, the Swedes are on the cusp of releasing their full-length debut, Pharmacy, which will be available June 8 via Big Beat / Atlantic. Ahead of the date, the duo have teamed up with Interlude to present an interactive video previewing their body of work.

As the narrative goes, their infamous seafox mascot has stolen the pair’s briefcase, containing all the files to their new album. Upon watching the video, the viewer has 10 minutes to navigate the tracklist to preview songs before the briefcase self-destructs and the stream ends. Each day, the clock resets and listeners have the chance to check out another new song. It’s a compelling concept that fits the duo's imaginative nature.

Watch Galantis’ new interactive video -- featuring previews of all 13 tracks from Pharmacy -- on their official website