Watch Blake Shelton Give His Top 3 Drunk Tweeting Tips

If you have a Twitter account, you know that country singer -- and Billboard cover star -- Blake Shelton is famous for not just his music but also for the hilarious allegedly drunk tweets ("I'm so drunk right now I just pissed my shirt pocket," for example) he sends out to his over 17 million followers. To learn from the master (who admits to Billboard that his jokes are "part of my schtick"), we asked Shelton for his top tips for tweeting while inebriated.

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Shelton’s first tip, of course, was that in order to “drunk tweet,” one must drink to the point of intoxication: “Hard to send out a drunk tweet if you’re not drunk,” he reasons. Check out the exclusive above and find out what other sage advice the singer had to offer. And click here to read this week’s Billboard cover story, where Shelton talks about his devastating breakup with Miranda Lambert, hitting rock bottom, and starting over again with newfound love Gwen Stefani