Marc Anthony Reveals Whether He'd Ever Run for Public Office: Exclusive Video

Miller Mobley
Marc Anthony photographed on April 5, 2016 in Miami, Fla. 

International icon Marc Anthony is a man of many talents and passions: He's a singer, producer, actor and now a media mogul with his entertainment company Magnus Media. But will he ever step into the political arena? Anthony recently sat down with Billboard for our video series Fishing for Answers and discussed the possibility of becoming a politician.

"Oh, hell no!" he said with a smile. But don't mistake the multiplatinum-selling performer's disinterest in holding office for a total disinterest in politics. In fact, he's deeply invested in the upcoming presidential election. “The Republican Party right now, they’re just showing what they’ve always been,” he says in Billboard's new cover story. “I had to step up and say, ‘I’m not putting up with this shit.’ I have a new four-letter word, and it’s ‘vote.’ Because that’s when they’re going to see our power.”

For a celebrity worth many millions, Anthony has a down-to-earth palate. His usual midnight snack? A "nasty TV dinner kind of throwdown," he said. "Salisbury steak with those cold mashed potatoes. At least I know what I'm getting." 

Watch our exclusive video below to see what else Anthony revealed. And read his full Billboard cover story here


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