Harry Styles & Spotify Introduce 'Fine Line' to Lucky Los Angeles Fans by Transporting Them to Eroda

Harry Styles
Rich Fury/Getty Images for Spotify

Harry Styles attends Spotify Celebrates The Launch of Harry Styles' New Album With Private Listening Session For Fans on Dec. 11, 2019 in Los Angeles.

Harry Styles fans are familiar with Eroda, the fictional, superstitious island from the "Adore You" music video in which everyone suffers from "resting fish face." In celebration of the crooner's sophomore album, Fine Line, dropping on Friday (Dec. 13), Styles and Spotify teamed up to bring a handful of lucky Los Angeles fans the experience of a lifetime. 

The mysterious Fine Line night on Wednesday (Dec. 11) began at a church parking lot, where attendees were given yellow raincoats with the motto "Eroda: No Land Quite Like It" written on the chest, and were loaded into shuttles to be driven to an undisclosed location. On the way, fans got to know each other, giggling and chatting while trying to piece together how the night would unfold. Are we going on a boat? Why do we have raincoats? Are we going fishing? Will we hear the new music? Will Harry be there? The questions were endless.

After about 10 or 15 minutes, the shuttle stopped at a seemingly unassuming home in a typical Los Angeles neighborhood. But the second fans stepped into the backyard, the magic began.

The entire property was transformed into a real-life Eroda, a lush scenery complete with fishermen bringing their catch of the day to a serving table, where it was cut into sashimi for attendees. In addition, there were all the scenes narrated by singer Rosalia in the music video, including boats docked in a small lake, a beauty parlor known for giving "oddly stylish" haircuts, Eroda resident Karen's paintings hung for display, a buffet table with a "most curious menu" and a pub with "peculiar" drinks, including a "glass of ale to appease the Celtic water spirit Shenandoah."

After about half an hour of exploring, the yellow raincoat-clad group was brought into another room, "the Fisherman's pub" with a full bar, piano man and a stage with a microphone at center. The rumors that Harry might show up began to bubble again, as the fans squealed while taking their seats as close to the stage as possible.

A fisherwoman stepped onto the stage, and introduced the tale of Eroda. "Adore You" played over the speakers, as a slew of actors and dancers performed to the track using cardboard scenery and puppets, one of which was a marionette of Styles.

At the end of the performance, the stage went dark, and the Styles puppet returned--this time with Harry himself as the puppet master. The crowd screamed as the singer thanked fans for coming and for all their support leading up to the album release.

“I couldn’t be here without you. You gave me the environment I needed to create this," he told them, before revealing that the group would be the first to hear the album "top to bottom."

After promising everyone in the room that they would all get tickets to his album release show at the Forum on Friday, and after dozens of loving compliments on the music and his outfit shouted at the crooner by his supporters, Styles bid a warm farewell.

Fans then got to listen to Fine Line in full, a tracklist of airy, catchy melodies that caused the guests to delve into a full-blown dance party, a touching representation of the excitement Styles' fanbase feels for his solo career.

It was then time to leave Eroda, which "one should avoid doing so on odd numbered days." And though it was an odd numbered day (Dec. 11), something about the elation over Fine Line makes me think that fans will be mentally staying in Eroda for as long as possible.