5 Highlights From 5 Seconds of Summer's Final American Gig of the 'Meet You There' Tour

5 Seconds of Summer
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

5 Seconds of Summer performs onstage during the 2018 iHeartRadio Wango Tango. 

Thousands of fans gathered last night to see  5 Seconds of Summer play the last show of the North American leg of the Meet You There tour at the Greek Theatre in Los Angeles. Despite thunderstorms and torrential downpours, dedicated fans showed up to bid their favorite Australian act a fond farewell (for now).  

As the lights went down, a deafening roar of excited screaming combated with the opening notes of 5SOS' "Babylon" off their 2018 full-length (and their third No. 1 album), Youngblood. The band got straight to it with their high-energy opener as purple lights flashed to the pounding drums. The rain was still pouring down, but no one seemed to mind as they jumped along to the song, hands in the air. 

5SOS knew their dedicated fans deserved the best performance possible in spite of the horrific conditions. Drummer Ashton Irwin assured fans, "We're gonna put on a f--kin' show for you tonight!" The crowd at the Greek certainly sounded like the rock quartet delivered on that promise.

Here are the top 5 highlights from the close to the North American leg of their tour. 

1. "Ghost of You" gets the whole Greek screaming

The entire venue lit up for this Youngblood track. As the first few notes rang out, Luke Hemmings told everyone to get out their cell phones and light up the place. With the rain still coming down and everyone's glowing lights, it was truly remarkable to witness. Plus, the rain actually made it that much more intense, with Hemmings noting afterwards, "Look, I know it's raining. But, on the good side, how emotional was that last song in the rain?"

2. Calum Slipped, but Ashton was there to catch him

Maybe some of the rain made the stage slippery; maybe it was all the excitement. But as Calum Hood waved to fans on his way off stage, he nearly slipped and fell flat on his face. It was a pretty smooth save, and luckily Irwin was there at the perfect moment to lend a helping hand. 

3. Brotherly love at the end of (this) road 

It was hard not to get emotional knowing it was their last show of the North American tour. Each of the band members continuously showed their appreciation for one another and saying the sweetest things. Guitarist Michael Clifford took one of the song breaks to share, "These guys have been my brothers even though I'm an only child. These guys were forced to be my brothers about seven years ago and I wouldn't f--king change a thing so... I really love you guys." Hood also noted, "These guys have been my brothers for nearly over 10 years."

4. Ashton Irwin stood on his drum set 

At the end of their hit Youngblood single "Valentine," which drove the crowd insane, Hemmings prompted the crowd to continue singing the "Oh"-es past the end of the song. Once the thousands-strong audience began to sing, Irwin decided to join in by conducting the crowd. He somehow steadied himself on top of his bass drum, flinging his arms up and down to get the crowd to sing louder. His balance was extremely impressive during that risky stun, which definitely contributed to the electric energy that played out during the end of that song. 

5.  Luke Hemmings and Ashton Irwin shared their favorite songs off the album

The guys were very communicative with their audience and even had some fun banter with each other onstage. Before most of the songs, each member gave a short and sweet introduction, sometimes sharing which song was their favorite. Irwin brought the energy for his top pick on the setlist, dubbing "More" one of his "personal favorites" before launching into the song. When Hemmings sat down at the piano, he shared some of his personal thoughts about his own favorite track. "Did anyone in Los Angeles get our third album Youngblood?" he joked. "I'm sorry it took so long...but was it worth it? That album means everything to us, thank you for getting it."

He then introduced "Lie to Me." "This song came at a very crucial point," he continued. "We wrote this song and 'Youngblood' back-to-back in two days kinda saved us. So scream it as loud as you can, please!" 

5SOS ended with "Youngblood," which was, of course, a perfect way to wrap up the night.

Check out the full setlist below. 

"Talk Fast"
"Moving Along"
"She's Kinda Hot"
"Waste the Night"
"Better Man"
"If Walls Could Talk"
"Ghost of You"
"The Only Reason"
"Lie to Me"
"Why Won't You Love Me"
"Meet You There"
"Jet Black Heart"
"Want You Back"
"She Looks So Perfect"