Kesha & Macklemore Throw a Glittery Pride Summer Bash At L.A. Concert

Macklemore & Kesha
Ethan Miller/Getty Images for dcp

Macklemore (L) and Kesha perform during the 2018 Billboard Music Awards at Toshiba Plaza on May 19, 2018 in Las Vegas.

Kesha and Macklemore hosted a daytime summer barbeque at their Adventures of Kesha and Macklemore stop at The Forum before taking the stage in Inglewood on Friday (June 8), complete with throwing hot dogs and confetti at the crowd from the tropical, poolside stage.

The pair announced their joint adventure Dec. 11, 2017 when they posted a video announcing the summer tour while promoting her third studio album Rainbow and his second solo studio album Gemini, both released last year.

Among those in the audience was a man rocking a glitter beard and other shimmering, lightning strike-painted faces reminiscent of David Bowie or an old Kesha -- or younger Ke$ha, rather -- who some concertgoers would have had posters of or have saved on their throwback playlists.

The Seattle-bred rapper spit verses promising immortality with his “Ain’t Gonna Die Tonight” opening performance, which was later counteracted by the pop smash “Die Young,” but their romp felt like a blast from the past and time and death were kicked out of the party. What was warmly invited was the charitable causes Kesha and Macklemore brought to the (picnic) table, as $1 from every ticket sold went to each singer’s chosen organization -- Kesha donating to Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network (RAINN) and Macklemore donating to PLUS 1, which advocates for racial and social justice through the Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Equality Fund.

Here are six highlights from the L.A. show that shook the glitter right off the dancing crowd and onto the floor:

Macklemore Introduces His “Same Love” Performance With a Political Speech

Before cruising down memory lane, Macklemore decided to give the concertgoers a tidbit on this country’s present. “We are living in a very divided time right now in American history,” he bellowed. “We came here to celebrate diversity, not be afraid of it.”

The “Same Love” singer announced that regardless of race or sexual orientation or preferred bathroom, all were welcome in the House of Macklemore. The rapper preached about music connecting all human beings and how we are connected by the one vital organ keeping us alive, keeping us human and keeping us capable of love. It was a sermon of equality in his house, its parishioners raising their arm in the sky like the ceiling couldn’t hold them and the world couldn’t oppress them.

He Gives Makes Like Gene Wilder in “Willy Wonka” And Gives Fans Golden Tickets

In his hour-and-a-half UberX ride Macklemore discussed on stage, he came up with the idea to place two golden tickets underneath two seats at the Forum. The lucky recipients were invited onstage to watch the “Willy Wonka” performance from the blow-up mattresses near the pool chairs, as the rapper returned to the stage dressed as the classic candy man.

Kesha Arrives An Hour Late Because of Her UFO Landing

After a delay between Macklemore's set and the start of Kesha's, a UFO made an appearance on the stage -- and so did the pop princess, eventually. Kesha was decked out in glitter galore as we remember her best, with stars in her eyes and on her crown. She started saying the lyrics to “TiK ToK” -- the single we’ve woken up to and closed the night with since its 2010 release -- because she knew she was running late and rightfully so with her outer space landing. “UFOs don’t land in Inglewood,” one concertgoer said. And from the moment the audience thought she was an alien queen, she reminded us that she’s “a motherf--king woman” with her first performance of the night with “Woman.”

“We R Who We R” Becomes the Second Pride Anthem of the Night

Her fierceness delved deeper when she dedicated her “We R Who We R” performance to Pride Month. “Happy pride Los Angeles!” she wished the audience. “This song is about being yourself unapologetically… and basic human f--king rights.” She tied the pride flag to the mic stand (“This flag I respect”) to make it our flagpole for what this place, greater than The Forum, represented. Neil Armstrong walked on the moon and planted the American flag, and Kesha did so with the LGBTQ emblem.

Their Joint “Good Old Days” Performance Was a Feel Good Moment

The evening took a brief detour when vintage footage of an open road projected on the four-paneled screens to visually accompany frolicsome pop ballad “Good Old Days.” The crowd embraced the music and each other warmly as though every person there was a gift. Even Kesha proclaimed “It’s Christmas, but like a million times better.” Fans’ Instagram posts tagged with #MomentsForYou lit up the two side screens, and every moment captured was one treasured.

Kesha Switched Up Her Throwback Hits to Anything But Pop

Her earliest songs off 2010's Animal, from “Dinosaur” to “Take It Off," came with a twist greater than when she dropped the dollar sign from her stage name. She pulled the country undertones from her and Pitbull’s “Timber" collab out and revved it up with a rock infusion. Party anthem “Die Young” embodied a psychedelic, freewheeling and funky twist. “Your Love Is My Drug” had more of a pop-rock vibe that kicked up Kesha’s vocals with a couple runs. Kesha claimed to have never performed at the venue, so the night brought new experiences to a bevy of old-timers.