P!nk Sings 'Just a Girl' With Gwen Stefani & 6 More Highlights From LA Concert

Pink beautiful trauma
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Live Nation

Pink performs during her "Beautiful Trauma" tour opener. 

P!nk took Cirque Du Soleil to new heights with her Beautiful Trauma tour stop at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Thursday night, replete with funhouse comics projected on the screen and acrobatic moves that had concertgoers’ mouths drop.

A mix of family-friendly throwbacks from pre-show DJ KidCutUp set the mood for P!nk's remixed vaudeville performance, created alongside Baz Halpin, producer and production designer of her The Truth About Love Tour - Live From Melbourne video documentary and Funhouse Tour: Live in Australia video. She wasn’t letting the beautiful trauma define her -- despite the arena tour being titled after her seventh studio album of the same name -- but rather her stage moniker: a playful color thought to be forgotten once you grew up, but P!nk’s music is as ageless as the color pink is childish.

Here are seven takeaways from the LA show that had fans remember “we’re all pink inside”:

P!nk Swings From the Chandelier During Her Opening Performance of “Get the Party Started”

The show began with an off-tune recorder playing the 20th Century Fox theme song by a man under two spotlights. The magenta curtains were elegantly poised as if concertgoers were attending a proper theatrical performance begging to be seen through opera glasses. But the curtains crashed down and the real spectacle began as her hit “Get the Party Started” roared from the speakers. Fans were welcomed to P!nk’s playhouse-meets-Cirque-du-Soleil fantasy, where metallic and sequined pink-clad acrobats flipped through the air and the singer herself swung from a chandelier while decked out in a black sequined jumpsuit, fulfilling Sia’s dreams and acting like Miley Cyrus’ predecessor of punk pop (queue “Wrecking Ball”). By swinging upside down, P!nk dynamically challenged a typical concert from “How can her vocal cords even handle this” to “Is she going to fall off?”

There Was an Inflatable Eminem Feature & Stop-Motion Animated Comedy Show for “Revenge Lyrics”

From her playhouse, spectators traveled to “Revenge Land,” an animated short prelude to P!nk’s “Revenge Lyrics” performance. Her voice could be heard over the Chicken Run-reminiscent characters running amok and being tortured with burning showers, asking, “Are you tired of your boyfriend?” Male characters entered the “unfun house” as she called it with a bleak spin of “It’s a Small World” to “It’s a Sad World” playing in the background as she temporarily flipped the Disneyland ride theme. Off-screen, real people dressed as the stop-motion comic characters and swung around the stage in agony. In P!nk’s revenge sermon, the ultimate man to pay the price was Eminem, the song’s featured act. While not physically present, a larger-than-life inflatable cartoon of Slim Shady appeared and waltzed onstage as he rapped his verse. P!nk then shot up from the stage and power-kicked the cartoon, deflating the physical statue and delivering our Saturday morning pastimes in real life.

She Brought Out Gwen Stefani & Performed No Doubt’s “Just a Girl” for a Throwback Thursday

The crowd had already been treated to comics from the funhouse, but P!nk’s “Funhouse” performance served a different slew of animations -- from hamburgers growing eyes and ravenous mouths to multicolored, exploding alarm clocks to clownish kittens with faces that were anything but cute. But the loudest shrieks from the audience came when Gwen Stefani popped onstage to perform “Just a Girl” from her No Doubt days, sporting her signature platinum-blond ponytail with black tips. The ambience from the “Funhouse” portion of her set screamed rock concert, but there was no doubt -- and even a portion of No Doubt -- the eclectic pop P!nk is known for shimmered through the hardcore vibe.

P!nk and Her Dancer Flip Around Better Than The Greatest Showman Scene Between Zendaya & Zac Efron

While performing “Secrets” from her latest album, one of her backup dancers twirled around P!nk and eventually lifted her up with him, flipping the script on The Greatest Showman’s “Rewrite the Stars” scene when a trapeze artist (Zendaya) soared and flew through the air with the showman’s business partner (Zac Efron). Scratch that: She was the greatest show-woman -- performing the daring stunt while scatting “Da da da da do do do,” like what she was doing was a “silly little game” as instructed by the end of the chorus.

The Concert Shows a Video Montage of P!nk’s Home Videos, Interviews, Music Videos, Marches & More

Making a statement is embedded in P!nk’s DNA, but her video montage of clips from her past and the country’s present, in lieu of women’s marches and the #MeToo movement, came to a humbling conclusion: “We’re all pink on the inside.” Her voice-over snippets discuss feminism, giving back and being human. “I need to know that my pain was helping your pain,” she said in the montage. It was a turning point in the show: P!nk at her most vulnerable state stepping up to the stage with unwavering vocals for slower songs to follow. We left the playhouse for her to just be herself, as the 38-year-old singer reminded the crowd that they’re all her -- we’re fierce and our insides are the same color as each other’s even if our outsides aren’t.

P!nk Shares a Story About Her Daughter, Willow, Before Bringing Her Onstage for “Raise Your Glass”

P!NK remained authentic about her personal life when she shared an anecdote about her 6-year-old daughter Willow. “I’m the ugliest girl I know,” she recited to the crowd from their conversation. The impactful words popped up on the screen like a PowerPoint, which P!NK prepared for her daughter later about androgynous rock stars. Annie Lennox, Michael Jackson, Prince, Elton John and George Michael were just a few names the singer listed, which sent the audience in an uproar of praise. P!nk commandeered the celebration with her toast-happy anthem “Raise Your Glass,” as she saluted her daughter, whom she later brought onstage during the performance, wearing a red jumpsuit covering a sparkly jumpsuit underneath. It’s what’s underneath that matters anyway. Punk rock dancers stuck out their tongues and shimmied with their shoulders without a care, and P!nk raised herself too -- quite literally. She was catapulted toward the ceiling, nearly ending the show where she started it, up in the skies dreaming and dancing.

She Swings Around the Whole Staples Center for her “So What” Finale

Being lifted upward wasn’t enough for the “Just Like Fire” singer. “I’m coming for you in the back!” she bellowed as her dancers seated her in a harness that would take her from the edge of the stage to the 300 level and all around the venue. There was nothing permanent or physical about the real ending of the concert. The ephemeral, fanciful swing showed that P!nk’s playhouse from the beginning of the set to the enchanted forest in the middle of the show to the haunted bedroom took fans around the many corners of her life, and we rode along for a few minutes with the mimicked sway of our phones following her fleeting silhouette.