BTS' RM Donates Over $80,000 to Music Education for Hearing-Impaired Students

Peter Ash Lee

RM photographed on Jan. 19, 2018 at Korea House in Seoul. 

A South Korean specialized school received a donation of 100 million Korean won, the equivalent of around $83,740 USD, as a donation from BTSRM to commemorate his recent birthday

According to local reports, the Seoul Samsung School received the donation from the BTS rapper to help students with hearing impairments receive music education. It was donated last week, as the star turned 25 on Sept. 12. 

"[RM] made the donation, expressing his will to help students with hearing difficulties enjoy music through various means," a school official said, reports Yonhap.

The Seoul Samsung School, also known as the Samsung Deaf School as per its Facebook page, specializes in education for hearing-impaired students, and currently has 120 students currently enrolled from kindergarten through high school. 

Along with RM's donation, fans of the rapper-songwriter raised funds for a variety of charitable efforts in honor of his birthday, with a specific emphasis on donating funds to plant trees, including forests in Seoul and the Phillipines.