Everything BTS Has Been Up to During Their 'Rest' Period (So Far)

Peter Ash Lee

From left: V, Suga, Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, RM and J-Hope photographed on Jan. 19, 2018 at Korea House in Seoul. 

While last week's news of BTS taking an "extended period of rest and relaxation" had everyone in a tizzy wondering what this meant for one of the world's biggest bands, the members have taken to social media to keep in touch.

While BTS' Korean record label Big Hit Entertainment has requested that fans "show consideration for their need to rest and enjoy their private time off," the guys have shared a few peeks into how they're enjoying their time off with fans.

From taking in shows to going fishing, check out the publicly-shared glimpses into how the K-pop stars have are spending the break.

V Shared a Look Into His Playlist: The first post-hiatus tweet on the BTS members' Twitter account came on Aug. 13 from V, when he shared a fun, one-minute video of him listening to Aminé's "Blackjack." The video, with nearly eight million views on Twitter at press time, caught the attention of the Portland rapper who seemed literally shook from the support, tweeting "Lemme hold sumn."

The next day, V shared his rainy-day playlist that included Bruno Major's "Plaes We Won't Walk."

Suga Had Some Precious Puppy Time: ARMY loves the BTS boys, and they also really love the boys' pets. Suga shared a photo of him hanging with his pet toy poodle, Holly. The smiles on both their faces say everything you need to know.

Jimin Went to Alec Benjamin's Show: Jimin took in a show during his break, meeting up with Alec Benjamin backstage at the Phoenix singer-songwriter's Seoul concert on Aug. 18. Jimin tweeted to the band's 21 million followers that Benjamin's "voice is heavenly" to which he replied, "You're the best."

J-Hope Flew to America for a Secret Trip: While BTS is supposed to be on a rest, it seems like J-Hope is still on the grind when the rapper popped up at Korea's Incheon airport for a trip to Los Angeles on Aug. 19. No official statement was put out for his travel, but fan theories have been running wild from the rapper working on solo music to simply enjoying some Cali weather.

RM Visited Some Museums: Noted gallery and museum lover RM ventured about an hour east of Seoul to visit the Museum San. The establishment explores relationships between nature and art, complete with different gardens and exhibition halls. The BTS leader shared four aesthetic photos from his photo from his visit on Aug. 19. He also went biking and took in visual artist James Jean's External Journey exhibition at Seoul's Lotte Museum of Art with photos shared on Aug. 21.

Jin and Suga Went Fishing: Time on hiatus doesn't mean time away from one another! Jin and Suga went on a fishing trip together, with the eldest BTS member showing a peek of his catch of the day on Twitter on Aug. 21.

And where is Jungkook? The one member of BTS who hasn't checked in with followers is youngest member Jungkook which has caused a cute concern among fans, but it's very possible the noted homebody has just been laying low during the downtime. The singer's 22nd birthday is a few days away on Sept. 1, which will likely mean some type of appearance, even if just a tweet to fans to say thank you.