The Fate of BTS is in ARMY's Hands in 'BTS World' Mobile Game: Watch the Trailer

Players will get to wonder “what if?” and make decisions about BTS’ career in a new mobile phone game set to drop later this week. The virtual simulation-based BTS World will put the fate of the seven men of BTS in the hands of users, who take on the role of talent managers as the group starts out on their career.

A production by Netmarble, the second-largest shareholder of BTS’ company Big Hit Entertainment, BTS World will arrive on Wednesday (June 26) worldwide, despite previous reports of it arriving on June 25 in the U.S. It will feature more than 10,000 new exclusive photos of the septet and over 100 exclusive video clips, including ones during which players will be able to interact with the seven men via phone and video calls and text messages.

Netmarble, one of the largest game publishers in the world, also is the company behind things like MARVEL Future Fight and Seven Knights. Its team believes that any and everyone is a gamer, it’s just a matter of finding a game that they want to play. “We try to find the right game for the right audience,” said a rep on behalf of Netmarble, explaining why it felt BTS’ fan ARMY was a good potential market for creating a brand-new game. “You’ll see with all the interactions that you get to see a glimpse of [the BTS members’] actual personalities. While some of the stories may be fictional to some degree, they are based on their personalities, the things that they've said, and what is true to how they speak and how they feel about things.” As the player accomplishes certain goals, they'll be able to access behind the scene footage of BTS filming for BTS World. 

The gameplay will vary with several different setups, including alternative realities in the "Another Story" mode where the septet’s members do not pursue a career as K-pop stars but instead make their way down different life paths. Throughout the game, players will make choices that enable them to unlock more and more of the exclusive content while playing hundreds of different stages offered throughout the different chapters and stories. Players will also have the opportunity to style BTS, picking what looks the seven men wear, and make decisions ranging from business ones to picking what the band’s seven men will be able to eat.

Though BTS World won’t be integrated with social media, there will be in-game social media features through which players will be able to interact with BTS. 

Access to certain elements of the game and three songs from the soundtrack have already been released, but BTS World will be released worldwide (excluding China) for iOS and Android devices on June 26. It is free to download but will feature in-game purchases. 

Check out the BTS World trailer below.

'BTS World' Trailer