BTS' Jin Releases Poignant Solo Track 'Tonight': Listen

Cozy up “Tonight” with your beloved pet, and a new song by BTS’ Jin.

Released today (June 4) through Soundcloud as part of the group’s multi-week sixth anniversary, or Festa, event, “Tonight” is a tender ballad that incorporates acoustic strings and synth melodies. Jin expressively sings about the longing and fear that come after spending a night with a loved one and remembering the fond times together.

In a blog post the song was shared through, Jin revealed that he wrote “Tonight” while thinking of his pets. Over the years, the eldest BTS member shared his love, and losses, of his dog and two sugar gliders with the group’s fan ARMY; he currently has a pet sugar glider named Gukmul.  

The song was produced by frequent BTS collaborator Slow Rabbit, and he, along with Jin, RM, and Hiss Noise are all credited under the production. ADORA and coll!n of Vendors are credited with background vocals, while several other collaborators are credited with other elements of creating the track.

This is Jin’s third solo original song, following "Awake" on 2016's Wings and last year’s “Epiphany” from the group's Billboard 200 chart-topping album Love Yourself: Answer

Following the song's release, several hashtags and phrases relating to the release trended worldwide on Twitter.

Along with “Tonight,” BTS’ 2019 Festa period has graced fans with a variety of pictures, and a concert video of the act performing “Anpanman” at Metlife Stadium last month. The group will be dropping content frequently throughout the next two weeks of their annual Festa event in the lead up to their sixth anniversary on June 13.

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