BTS Announce New Book 'The Notes 1'

Courtesy of BigHit Entertainment


After weeks of teasing a new project based around its The Most Beautiful Moment in Life Notes narrative, South Korean septet BTS announced its first book today (Jan. 20). The Notes 1 will be released in March, and tie into the act's BU, or "BTS Universe," creative storyline.

The new book will be released on March 5, and is currently available for pre-order from Big Hit Entertainment's website in Korean, English, and Japanese, both individually or as a bundle with copies in all three languages. It is a 230-page book that appears to feature entries from the Notes series shared throughout the years.

The book has no description but is accompanied with a brief blurb that reads: "The memory pieces of the feelings of being lost, absence, suffering and insecurity, of the boys facing their fate." It is then followed by a short Note entry from Seokjin, the given name of BTS' Jin. 

The Notes 1 news was preceded by the launch last week of a related webtoon Save Me.

Both The Notes 1 and Save Me tie into the narrative BTS has woven throughout its music, music videos, and across multiple other platforms, including Twitter and Instagram, since the release of their The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Part. 1 album in April 2015.