BTS' Jin Lets Light In With Cryptic New 'Most Beautiful Moment in Life' Video

Is new music coming from BTS? A cryptic tweet shared by Big Hit Entertainment, the company behind the chart-topping septet, brought forward a new video and Note related to the Korean group’s creative narrative, two elements of the act’s typical promotional cycle ahead of new releases.  

Tweeted Sunday night (Jan. 6) and retweeted by Big Hit, a post from an account titled “Smeraldo Books” shared a short clip of member Jin and a brief message, the latest in the group’s The Most Beautiful Moment in Life series of Notes, which is a key part of the act’s “BU” storyline.  

Credited to “Seokjin,” Jin’s given name, and dated the “second day of the fifth month of 22nd year," the Note reads: "Would I be able to straighten out the errors and mistakes and save the others? I didn't grasp the depth and weight of this question." It then ended with “1/15” in parenthesis, potentially referring to the date Jan. 15, or that the brief message, shorter than other Notes previously released by BTS, is the first of 15 parts.  

Unlike prior elements of BTS’ BU narrative, translations in both English and Japanese closely followed the original Korean tweet.

The video accompanying the tweet shows Jin opening a curtain and letting light into a room he is in, which appears to be the same he was seen in during the video for his poignant solo song “Epiphany”  ahead of the release of last year’s Love Yourself: Answer album.

The account posted its first tweet earlier in the night, stating that “Smeraldo Books is named after the Smeraldo flower which means ‘The Truth Untold’ in the language of flowers. We will do our best to deliver the truth through the books made by Smeraldo Books.” In the past, BTS’ promotional cycle and imagery has featured the smeraldo flower, a non-existent variety of flower named after the Italian world for “emerald.” “The Truth Untold” is a song produced by Steve Aoki and sung by BTS' vocalists, Jin, V, Jimin, and Jungkook. It was released on BTS’ chart-topping album Love Yourself: Tear last May.

Following the tweets, fans of BTS took to addressing them with some theorizing that the logo of the new account is a combination of the art associated with Love Yourself series’ eras: Her, Wonder, Tear, and Answer.

Billboard has reached out to Big Hit Entertainment for further information.