BTS' Suga Tweets About Track For Ed Sheeran: 'This is For You'

BTS' Suga teased a potential collaboration with Ed Sheeran in a Twitter post. In a tweet published on Thursday (Dec. 6) in Korea, Suga showed a shot of his computer screen, sharing an image of an audio file he appears to have been working on in audio editing software Cubase Pro titled “Ed Sheeran ST ROUGH."

“Hmm… This is for you,” wrote the BTS member, tagging Sheeran’s handle and adding his name as a hashtag. Based on the phrasing, it appears that "you" is directed at Sheeran, but could also be interpreted as more generally addressing BTS' Twitter audience. 

The picture comes just a few weeks after Sheeran told a British music outlet that he thinks there may be something in the works between himself and the band.

"I actually wrote a song that I think they might be messing with," Sheeran said in November during a Heat video interview.

Though there is no confirmed news, if a collaboration does happen it would be the first time the Brit and the members of the chart-topping South Korean group have teamed up. BTS’ historic Love Yourself album trilogy featured the likes of Nicki Minaj, The Chainsmokers, and Steve Aoki.

The rumors follow a groundbreaking year that saw BTS make history on multiple occasions. The act was recently revealed to be one of one of the Top 10 musical artists of the year, landing at No. 8 on the overall Top Artist of 2018 chart.