BTS Talk Personal Style Influences and the Importance of Fashion In Music: Watch

K-pop superstars BTS, who grace not just one but eight different Billboard magazine covers this week, took some time during their cover shoot to discuss how their individual styles have evolved over time, the importance of fashion in music today and to predict the next biggest fashion trend.

On the subject of personal style, member Jungkook explains that when he first moved to the U.S. to learn how to dance, he was inspired by the “very stylish” dancers, cutting his shirts up, as Suga describes it, like “wrestling uniforms.” Jungkook adds that his style has changed a lot since then, explaining that he is more “clean-cut” now.

Suga shares that he prefers wearing comfortable clothing, while Jin says the most important aspect of fashion is the face, adding that he can wear anything and make it look good. Meanwhile, V says that he is inspired by the old movies he loves to watch, opting to wear shirts and ties.

The “DNA” singers also explain why music and fashion are inseparable. “Music is not just about listening anymore,” explains Suga. “You can see it nowadays…the visuals are very important.” J-Hope adds that fashion is extremely important to BTS because when performing, what they are wearing can influence how they feel.

As for what the next big fashion trend will be, Jin – who Suga describes as “the ultimate fashionista” – emphasizes T-shirts with characters, referring to the cartoon characters each member of the band designed for BT21, their merchandise and apparel collaboration with Line Friends.

You can check out the full video above to hear more fashion opinions from BTS.