BTS Stars In Billboard Package Featuring 8 Different Covers

American pop music has changed over the past few years, expanding to embrace sounds and ideas outside of U.S. borders more openly than ever before. At this time last year, who could have predicted that a seven-member K-pop group -- one that sings in Korean and doesn't shy away from social issues -- would be shattering records in the States? 

Yet the ascent of BTS has been wholly unique, and for the group’s first American cover shoot, Billboard traveled to Seoul to create a one-of-a-kind magazine experience featuring eight covers. No sound on the planet inspires as obsessive a fandom as K-pop, and BTS have (finally, for real) imported that mania to America; with its latest cover package, Billboard aims to celebrate that passion by giving each member of BTS a standalone cover, as well as a classic shot of the unified group.

Also a first for Billboard: BTS limited-edition box sets, featuring 8 full-size posters and 8 different covers featuring each member, all in a custom box.

Check back with Billboard as we unveil more photos and videos from our BTS cover shoot, and head here to read the full cover story.