Broadway Icons Team Up for Epic Thanksgiving TikTok Musical: Watch

The Late Late Show
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James invites Dan Mertzluft on The Late Late Show to celebrate his work and to create a new special for Thanksgiving featuring Patti LuPone, Kristin Chenoweth, Audra McDonald, Josh Gad and Josh Groban.

There's nothing like going home for Thanksgiving, right? At least, that's what James Corden set out to prove on Tuesday night (Nov. 24) with a star-studded musical segment inspired by a viral TikTok.

The idea came together when the talk show host set out to track down TikTok user Dan Mertzlufft, whose original mini-musical about fighting in a grocery store went viral, with dozens of creative musical theater lovers adding on to the hilarious narrative thanks to the platform's duet feature.

So naturally, Corden invited Mertzlufft to kick off a special TikTok musical just for The Late Late Show with James Corden centered around a classic family Thanksgiving. And while the content creator gamely got the ball rolling as a college kid who's been stuck at home for the last eight months, Corden had a huge surprise for him in the form of a full cast of Broadway legends to round out the fam.

There was Kristin Chenoweth, swirling her giant wineglass as the gleeful matriarch ("My dinner's perfect!"); Patti LuPone as grandma dipping into the eggnog a little early ("Who wants to see Nana dance?") and Josh Groban as the trademark conservative uncle starting political arguments at the table ("This election was rigged -- it's voter fraud!"). Plus, Josh Gad made an unforgettable appearance as the Thanksgiving turkey, as well as Audra McDonald playing the operatic "smoke detector, detecting," of course.

Mertzlufft was utterly blown away by Corden's surprise, declaring, "I had no idea! I'm shaking; I can't breathe. I mean, everyone, but Patti LuPone is my icon!"

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Watch the incredible TikTok musical unfold in its glory below.