Watch Lin-Manuel Miranda Write a Song on the Spot on 'Conan'

Courtesy Photo

Lin-Manuel Miranda dropped into Conan At Home on Tuesday (April 21) to dust off his legendary freestyle skills and write a song on the spot.

After asking Conan O'Brien a series of questions about his day in quarantine, the Broadway star busted out a hilarious, piano-driven jam about the host getting roasted by his 14-year-old son for not knowing how to properly use Zoom.

"Ok boomer, when are you gonna leave home/ I go to the Zoom, I enter the room/ I wanna see if I look cute and if I can temporarily un-mute with the space bar/ So I ask my son, Hey do I hit the f--king space bar?/ He says to me/ OK boomer, Ok boomer/ Leave me alone, Conan's on home/ Ok boomer, Ok boomer/ Leave me alone, Conan's stuck at home," Miranda sang, much to O'Brien's delight.

"I have to say, all you need is a little more time in quarantine...polish that up, you've got a great musical about another important historic figure," the host quipped, pointing to himself while referencing the composer's smash hit Hamilton.

While Miranda is stuck in quarantine at the moment, he's dedicating his time to creating an emergency assistance fund for the nonprofit organization Hispanic Federation as well as an at-home edition of his EduHam educational program. Meanwhile, the upcoming big screen adaptation of the Broadway star's first, pre-Hamilton musical, In the Heights, was pushed back on Tuesday until summer 2021 due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Check out Miranda's Conan-inspired song and more below.