'Pretty Woman' Musical Stars Talk Singing Bryan Adams on Broadway

Pretty Woman The Musical Broadway
Matthew Murphy

Samantha Barks and Andy Karl in "Pretty Woman: The Musical"

It's far from unusual these days to find pop and rock artists trying their hands at writing Broadway scores. But even at a time when names ranging from Sara Bareilles and Cyndi Lauper to Sting have written for musical theater, the pairing at the center of one of the current hit productions on the Great White Way is pretty monumental: Bryan Adams has (with co-composer Jim Vallance) written the music and lyrics for the Broadway adaptation of the iconic Garry Marshall romantic comedy Pretty Woman.

A cast of Broadway favorites are currently giving voice to Adams' power ballads and rootsy rock numbers onstage, and they came to the Billboard on Broadway podcast to discuss the show with host Rebecca Milzoff.

As stars Andy Karl (a Tony nominee recently for Groundhog Day), Samantha Barks (the 2012 film of Les Misérables) and Orfeh (Legally Blonde) tell it, they've found a kind of camaraderie working on this show that's rare even in the warm Broadway community (Karl and Orfeh are, actually, married).  In their chat with Milzoff, the trio delve into the challenges of singing Adams' music, share stories of working with him in the studio, and recall when the original film's star, Julia Roberts, came to the show.

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