Becky G Celebrates Her Mother's '90s Style With New Colourpop 'Hola Chola' Collection

Becky G
Courtesy of Colourpop

Becky G x Colourpop

Of all of the makeup collaborations and celebrity-owned lines that have launched this year, closing out 2019 is one of the more exciting collections: "Hola Chola," Becky G's fourth collaboration with Colourpop.

Her previous collections with the Los Angeles-based makeup brand included limited-edition red and orange lipsticks that looked like they came straight out of her own makeup kit and an eyeshadow palette that celebrated the tropical colors of her Mexican roots. Now, this new collection (which launched on Dec. 12) draws on her heritage once more. 

Inspired by the '90s Latina "chola" makeup styles that she grew up loving during her childhood in Los Angeles — cherry roller lip gloss and all — the collection features a 12-pan matte eyeshadow palette, two pressed powder bronzers, three lip bundles (which contain one matte liquid lipstick and one lippie pencil each), a black liquid eyeliner pen, and of course, the iconic cherry-flavored roller lip gloss. 

The neutral eyeshadows in her palette range from bone-colored whites to a deep espresso brown -- perfect for creating those grungy and smokey looks that the '90s was so famous for. The two shades of the bronzer will complement a variety of skin tones from fair to rich (keeping her mission for diversity and Latina representation at the forefront of the collection), and the three lip bundles contain the typical pink-brown nude and berry tones that speak to that era of beauty. Finally, the roller gloss is a shiny clear gloss to top off any lipstick -- and if you want to go full "chola," just use one of the lip liners to border your lips and fill them in with the gloss. 

Becky G has not only been recognized as a rising pop star, but she has also made waves as a fashion and beauty icon in her own right. She is the first musician to ever collaborate on a collection with Colourpop (previous collabs collections have been with beauty influencers), and with each piece of each collection flying off of the brand's virtual shelves -- and many selling out in the process -- it's safe to say that the Hola Chola collection will not be her last. 

Billboard Style had a chance to talk to Becky G about the launch of her collection, what inspired the shades, and the significance makeup has to her.

You have already done three other collab collections with Colourpop -- why did you initially want to work with the brand? 

Anyone that knows me knows that I could get lost in a makeup store for hours if I'm left alone there. I love makeup and have always loved Colourpop's colors and style. When the opportunity came up to work with them, I [dove] in immediately. I'm so grateful to be able to bring some of my inspiration and creative concepts to life when designing my makeup collections, and the response my fans have had to it means the world to me. I couldn't be happier. 

What sparked the inspiration for this fourth collection? 

This fourth collection was inspired by L.A. Latinas in the '90s, my mom's "chola" style, and the makeup looks I grew up with. I had a lot of fun choosing all of the colors and pieces of the collection, which includes [my take on] the classic rollerball cherry lip gloss. I would say [that the collection is like] "chola" style updated -- the 2020 Becky G Colourpop version.

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What made you choose each shade name, particularly the ones in Spanish like eyeshadow color "Chicana" and lippie bundle in "Muñeca"

All of my collections have Spanish shade names because I wanted to represent both sides of me. This year was all about representing who I am, and this particular collection has a lot to do with my Latina heritage in Los Angeles. Each shade is associated with a name that immediately came to mind within that context. 

Why did you pick these colors for the collection? 

Everything was inspired by what my mom and the rest of mi familia would have worn back in the '90s. From the lip pencils [and] powder bronzers to the cherry gloss. I grew up with this matte color palette that influenced so much of who I am and the love of makeup that I have today. 

Courtesy of ColourPop
Becky G x ColourPop

What does makeup mean to you, both in your everyday life and on stage? 

I have always loved makeup, and feel like it's an extension of my personality and artistry. There are some days that I enjoy not wearing any makeup at all and letting my skin take a break -- but in general, I really love getting a chance to express myself with different styles and looks. I've been fortunate [enough] to work with some incredible makeup artists that have taught me a few tricks and tips. [We've been] able to come together to create unique looks for my performances and photoshoots. 

How do you hope your fans will feel when they wear your makeup collection?

I want them to feel empowered and inspired to modernize looks they might have grown up around too. I also want them to feel confident and enhance their natural beauty, while also having fun with it, of course!

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The Becky G x Colourpop Hola Chola collection is now available for purchase on Colourpop's website. The Hola Chola eyeshadow palette retails for $20, the pressed powder bronzers and liquid eyeliner each retail for $9, the lip bundles retail for $14 each, and the Very Cherry roller gloss retails for $8.