6 Hacks for Sweat-and-Sun-Proof Hair, According to Chrissy Teigen & Kim K's Hairstylist

Zoey Grossman 
Kim Kardashian West photographed on Aug. 21, 2016 in Los Angeles. 

As the summer heat and humidity amps up, finding ways to keep your hair in place is getting increasingly difficult. Lucky for us, celebrity hairstylist Justine Marjan is here to help. Marjan’s A-list clientele includes the Kardashian-Jenner clanChrissy Teigen, Kelly Rowland and more, and she currently serves as the North American brand ambassador for ghd and the Global Stylist for TRESemme. She also helped her mentor, Jen Atkin, found Mane Addicts in 2014 and works as a stylist for Atkin’s The OUAI Haircare.

Check out her six tips for keeping your 'do in place all sweaty summer long.

1. Apply a Hair Mask Before a Beach or Gym Sesh

Sweat is full of salt, which can dry out your strands. If you’re using sulfate-free shampoos and products, chances are, you’re counteracting its benefits if you’re in for some serious sweat seshes. The best way to prevent dryness and damage from your salty skin is to apply a mask before you hit the beach or gym. "I suggest using the TRESemme Repair and Protect 7 Mask on wet or dry hair before you know you’ll be working out or under the harsh rays of the sun. It will shield the hair from the sun, and the heat allows the mask to act like a deep-conditioning treatment, working magic on your strands," Marjan suggests.

2. Braid It Up!

"If you know you have somewhere to be post-sun or sauna, braid up your hair," Marjan says. "After you refresh and do your makeup, remove the braids and spray in a little TRESemme Dry Shampoo at the roots. You’ll have great waves from the braids, and the dry shampoo is just enough to absorb the excess oil at the scalp."

3. Dry Shampoo, Foam-Style

If you have a serious workout planned or you want to spend your morning in the sun instead of primping, Marjan loves OUAI Dry Shampoo Foam. "It literally is like a shower in a can," she says. "It comes out as a liquid foam and you saturate your hair with it as if you’re washing it. Then you massage it in as if you’re trying to create a lather. When the foam dries, your hair is super clean and full of volume!

4. Go Au Natural

"If you’re a naturally curly girl, my best advice for humid weather is not to fight it! Avoid trying to blow out or straighten your hair and, instead, embrace your natural texture and go big!" Marjan says. To make sure your hair is super hydrated so you can avoid frizz, Marjan suggests using products from the TRESemme Botanique Naturals collection or OUAI Curl Jelly

5. ...Or Not :)

"If you must fight frizz and humidity, I can’t recommend the Brazilian blowout enough," Marjan says. "After another hairstylist made a comment about how huge my thick strands were when I was in Miami in the summer, I did a Brazilian blowout and will never go back. It saves me time in the morning, my styles last longer, and I no longer have to worry about the 1- to 2-inch halo of frizz that used to surround my head."

6. Your Hair Is What It Sleeps On 

To further fight humidity and harsh weather, a silk pillowcase is key. "Regular cotton pillowcases can cause too much friction on the hair, opening the cuticle layer and contributing to split ends and breakage, making the hair more susceptible to frizz," Marjan says. "Silk pillowcases allow your blowout and styles to last longer, cut back on styling time in the morning, help the health of your hair, and prevent frizz. I suggest the Hollywood Silk Solution pillowcases."